Dear Amigos:

Our mission statement remains the same but I must tell you about the name change and explain the reason for it. In the fall of 2012 we were contacted by another charitable organization called Amigos de Honduras who operate in the state of Washington. They claimed the right of ownership because of their longer history. We discussed the matter with our attorney and were advised that it could be a long and costly litigation. The decision was made to let it go and carry on our work under a new name. Amigos de Juanita is in honor of my mother Juana Rovelo Elvir who had a love for the town and the people of Valle de Angels, Honduras. She was the inspiration behind this organization in the first place. So it seemed very appropriate. The change has been made official with the IRS and the states of both New York and Florida. We maintain our 501c3 status.

As we become “Amigos” with more influential people in Valle de Angeles (see Latest News) we are enabled to reach out to more and more of the needy. As always, it is we who serve who are blessed the most.

Our work can only be done because of you who help support us and I am grateful for your generous hearts. I know many of you contribute to other ministries as well because the need is so great. We don’t want to be a burden but hope you will be able to consider helping us this year as we plan our 2013 Medical-Community Outreach team and continue with our various projects. Team 2013 will be traveling to Valle de Angeles, Honduras in June.

Please go to Contact Us for information on how to contribute to Amigos de Juanita (a 501c3 not for profit organization).

Thank you,

Pat Elvir Pons

Amigos De Honduras